I need help with tattoo ideas for me, my sister and my mom!?

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Me my mom and my sister all want to get cute matching tattoos, we were thinking of Chinese symbols, or a cute saying in Portuguese, or we wanted a really good quote, I wanted it to be somewhere along the lines of us being strong and independent, but I have no clue what would be a good quote! Can anyone please help!?

First bear in mind that anything you look at daily becomes boring to your mind. You are all excited now because of the novelty of a new thing with which to express yourself. If you have a nice painting on your wall that painting gradually becomes backgroud noise to you but may still impress visitors so you can get that "rush" but its not the same. All tattoes look like a blimish or something defective at a certain distance and they all must be viewed close up and with bright lighting to be appreciated. My best advice, don’t do it. Exceptional artists go into the tattoe profession because the money is very good and they can’t make a living selling original art because art isn’t valuable until after they die for some reason (the starving artist syndrome).

Is it safe to eat food from an antique porcelain plate?

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Hi everyone,
Hope you are doing good. Iam buying a porcelain plate online and I asked the seller if I could use the plate for eating. He said that the plate is for collection. He didn’t say it is not for eating though. The plate is intricately decorated and seems to be an antique item. Here’s a link to the same plate from another seller – http://www.ebay.com/itm/AMULET-SUPERB-CHINESE-PORCELAIN-HAND-PAINTING-FRENCH-POSTCARD-OLD-EMPEROR-PLATE-/400592044148?pt=Asian_Antiques&hash=item5d45258074

Iam not trying to use it like a regular plate, but wanted to know if I can eat from it occasionally like on special occasions. I will obviously clean the plate thoroughly before using it. Will eating from such a plate remove the dyes in the designs or cause any health problems? Thats all. Thanks.

If there is a way to look at the back of the plate it may tell you if it is for decorative purposes or not.
If it is a true antique it may have lead in the glaze or in the dyes. In this case I would not use it for food, particularly anything with a high acid content. (but then you would not use a high acid food on an antique plate anyway.)
Eating from the plate may not damage dyes or designs but the utensils you use may scratch the plate lowering it’s value.
If you are paying a lot for this plate why not keep it as part of a collection. It is possible that there is a reproduction of the pattern that you can get and use.

Who painted the aboriginal painting ‘Ngalculli’?

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I can’t find the artist of the painting, all I can find is the author of the book about it. Can someone please help me?

Maybe he painted it himself?

"The author of several books for adults, [Percy Trezise] has also produced many books for children telling the ancient myths and legends of the aboriginal people and illustrating them with his own paintings."

If you got a copy of the book it should say who did the artwork.

Chinese Painting Class Lesson 3 Trailer: Bamboo and Panda Bears

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To participate in the class, please visit http://www.blueheronarts.com/information.php?info_id=5 for more info about Henry’s online Chinese painting class.

For supplies, here is a Check List
and a Student Value Pak is also available.

The reference book I used is Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting:



Duration : 0:3:55

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Chinese Antique Flower Hand Painting Side Storage Cbinet WK2606

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Golden Lotus Antiques
2049 S. El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA 94403
Tel: 650-522-9888
Open 7 day a weeks – 10.00am ~ 6.00pm

Duration : 0:0:39

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Traditional Chinese painting backing 國畫裱褙 10

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國畫大師倪汝霖老先生談國畫裱褙 10
Traditional Chinese painting Master RuLin-Ni discussed that the traditional Chinese painting backing
Suspension bar and following stick’s installment::
Front had discussed that how in the back lower extremity’s place, to paste the width five centimeters cotton paper ‧
The connection segmentum anterius, faces the picture at the back on, must install the stick ‧
Opens the cotton paper, below mounting paper ‧
If the movie posture and the place spread the cloth starch ‧
Takes processes the good under stick, lays aside on the graticule ‧
best to stand the onlooking,
Whether with under the original indication line, the picture heart, to have parallel ‧
If the original cotton paper has not pasted, the error is big, then this time installs the stick, very hard to repair ‧
After under putting away the stick, if the movie, the volume pastes the wooden club ‧‧
Shutechen 20101025

Duration : 0:8:38

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Journey to the East – Zhang Cuiying, An Exceptional Contemporary Chinese Painter

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For higher resolution watch http://www.ntdtv.com / to watch more on youtube : http://youtube.com/user/NTDTV choose playlist and then “Journey to the east”

Zhang Cui Ying has received numerous prizes and awards. Zhang’s painting Before Winter Sets In was awarded second place in the 1986 “National Poetry Based Painting Competition” organised by the “Literature and Painting Magazine”. The Artist painted a lady sitting next to the window in deep thought. When Zhang went to pick up the prize, everyone was shocked, they had expected the artist to be an old man and never guessed it would be a girl in her twenties! Zhang Cui Ying’s works can be seen published in newspapers and magazines in China and overseas and are also part of the collection in the book “Shanghai’s Talented Middle Age and Youth Painters and Calligraphers”.

Zhang Cui Ying’s One Hundred Koalas is not only a mascot but a treasure to Australia; lively, agile, natural and innocent. This painting, over 5 meters long, has received an Award of Excellence in the Chinese Wash Paintings for the Gold Awards category of the First Asia and the Pacific Competition.

Website link : http://www.yourart.com/go.php?id=13318&url=aHR0cDovL3d3dy56aGFuZ2N1aXlpbmcub3Jn

Duration : 0:25:45

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Sweet 16 party ideas?

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I’m turning 16 on December 29th. My mom wants me to start giving her ideas but I’m not really sure. I think I want to have like a big BBQ thing an have my sisters fiancé DJ but I don’t know what else I could do. Alcohol and weed are out of the question. But any other ideas? Where to have it? Games?

Nothing like a BBQ in your own backyard. Just make sure the path to the bathroom is clear, and all of your valuables have been put away. LOL.
and the Dj is a good idea, as long as there is space to dance if someone wants to.
I would come to that, if the weather were not to hot, and the food promised to be good.

Decoration could be as easy as putting some chinese paper lanterns up around on the deck or in a tree, or stringing some fairy lights. I would buy some cute napkins and paper plates for the cake.

What is that game with bottle caps? Or do a throw toss game, all you need is a bag of beans and a board with holes cut in it and some paint.
Bingo is always popular, and would be cheap to buy or make.

Other ideas include a decade dress up. Pick the decade, and people have to dress that way. Hippie 1960s is probably the easiest and the cheapest, a headband and some jeans pretty much do that.
The 1950s is more expensive the girls would need poodle skirts
1980s is shiny glitzy things and big hair.

Is it normal to cry at peoples graves you never knew and wish they were still alive?

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Is it normal to wish that people you never have physically known in this life where still alive and feel strong connection to them?

i think I have some deep mental problem or something has gone kapoot in my brain.

I cannot explain fully because even I dont understand but when I visited Rome I felt totally at home compared to anywhere else I have lived or the place I was born.
I felt like I knew all the statues(again cannot explain)
I felt more connection to them than I do to most living humans.
When I look at ancient paints and go in the buildings I just want to sit and weep.

Why, whats wrong with me?
Its not just anybody. It seems to be a bunch of people from ancient greece, rome and egypt. A set of royals loosely related.
Young girl- there must be some other explanation? I do also hear music and have started being able to speak bits of languages iv never learnt. has this ever been proven past life thing? it just sounds so silly and like denial of illness.
If thats true then why do all people who had past lives believes its royal. it must be something else, why would only royal people come back. I dont think im royal, i think thats beyond laughable.

Why would royal ghosts contact me and not their ancestors? or some famous medium?

It is normal to cry because cemeteries are just sad places so you sometimes cant control yourself psychologically. However it is a little weird to feel such a strong connection to them if you didn’t know them..

Art History help!! please fast!! bestanswer for 10 points?

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1. The comments people make about art usually reflect their___________.
a: Likes
b: Dislikes
c: Past experiences with art
d: Style

2. By openly discussing your point of view with others, you might __________.
a: see some things you missed before
b: learn to interpret works from a comletely diffrent angle
c: neither A or B
d: Both A or B

3. if a work of art is to be appreciated, opinions about it ought to be based upon ________and ________.
a: knowlage/understanding
b: image/color
c: the artist/medium
d: when it was created/ how valuable it is

4. the chinese say that in order to paint a tiger you must feel like_____
a: a hunter
b: a god
c: a lion
d: a tiger

5. Who painted Guernica?
a: Pablo Picasso
b: Charles Burchfield
c: Vincent Van gogh

1. c: Past experiences with art

2. d: Both A or B

3. a: knowlage/understanding

4. d: a tiger

5. a: Pablo Picasso